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reSearcher FAQs

[NB. The development team/steering cmte. will need to supply answers for the FAQ.]

1. How did you come up with the name?

Ask Mark Leggott.

2. Why should I use reSearcher?

3. What are the software requirements for reSearcher installation?

Apache webserver, Perl, Postgres, etc.

4. What are the hardware requirements for reSearcher installation?

Depends on anticipated usage. Minimum requirements. SFU’s system.

5. How can I contribute to reSearcher development?

6. I need feature X, and reSearcher doesn’t support it yet. What are my options?

Contract development. Develop it yourself. Request it be added to the task list.

7. Our institution would like to begin using reSearcher, but we don’t have the resources to host it ourselves. Can we contract support services and/or hosting?

8. I don’t need all of the functionality that reSearcher provides. Do I have to install all of the modules?

You can run dbWIZ and GODOT independently, but Citation Manager is dependent on GODOT (CHECK THIS!!!)

9. How do I customize reSearcher for my institution?

10. Can my consortium use reSearcher, or is it limited to single institutions?

reSearcher was designed to be deployed by library consortia, so one installation can support multiple institutions. However, reSearcher may also be installed for single-institution deployment.

11. What standards does reSearcher support?

OpenURL, Z39.50

12. What kind of tech support is available for reSearcher?

fee for service, lists, discussion groups

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